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Through stylized physical theater, acting and mime, Joan Merwyn portrays a range of characters and archetypal conditions with entertaining abstraction, humor, and a flare for the absurd. Her innovative sound scores integrate world music, jazz, classical, funk, original text and sound effects into her creations. Her work is a weaving of visceral, theatrical and audio imagery, exploring social, cultural and personal thematic material.

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Current Shows
Joan Merwyn Physical Theater is currently performing a solo program in three parts, entitled SHIFTINGS. She is also touring her show for family audiences, cho?ces, which has received enthusiastic responses at schools, community centers, galleries and clinical settings.

A solo performance, consisting of three parts.

“…a show that's like a multi faceted diamond.”

Newport Daily News

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A solo performance for all ages

“Beyond Clowning Around”

New York Daily News

» More Info and Photos and Video Clips for cho?es

DISSENT! Joan Merwyn is now developing a new performance program, entitled DISSENT! This evolving work is a reflection/meditation on the impact of innocent civilian casualties of war. Often, the majority of these casualties are women and children. The show will metaphorically explore the connections between the causes and effects of wars on both domestic and international territories: Native America, Afghanistan , Vietnam, Middle East, BLM movement vs. white supremacy, and more. Excerpts of DISSENT! will be made available for online formats.

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