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“A rare combination of delicacy and absurdity.”

—Plexus, San Francisco

“...but again arresting was Joan Merwyn, USA.”

—Bremer Nachrichten, West Germany

“It puts in mind
some dark and bubbling
mythic fountain.”

Newport Eagle        

A Solo Performance, Consisting of Three Pieces

Joan Merwyn Physical Theater takes audiences on a journey to the edges of humanity. Through abstract interpretations of disturbing subjects, the trilogy of solos in SHIFTINGS is an intense and captivating experience. This experimental work focuses on the subjects of adolescence, greed and urban isolation. Joan Merwyn Physical Theater's performances contain a flare for the absurd, while being provocative, humorous and entertaining.

Money Matter$

a portrayal of obsession, greed and spiritual materialism

breathtakingly beautiful and graceful form…
totally enthralls her audience for the entire evening…

Outstanding control... very fun…
...mysterious and threatening.

The show runs the gamut
of emotions and experiences.
The audience leaves the theater regretting that they have not seen enough.”

—Viva Wynne-Griffin, Narragansett Times



Still Life

the longing

for human connection

in an urban setting

“Joan Merwyn
performed a dance/mime
with cat-like grace.”

New York Daily News

“Joan Merwyn isn't silent about her art.

An accomplished performer, she has won applause of audiences from Poland to Germany to France to California.

In Europe she earned complimentary reviews as a mime, actress, clown dancer…”

Providence Journal


The Phase




“...a glittering look
at this highly stylized, physical art form...
Merwyn is always in control...
always intelligent...
moving and inspiring, humorous...
non-traditional and experimental...
the best $ buy in town.”

—R.E. Reimer, Newport Daily News

a theatrical rite-of-passage which explores the deranged and mystical world of adolescence

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